Recreational and Outdoor Accessories for the RV, Camping and Boating Industry

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     • Our high quality reversible patio mats are: Made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene Available in our standard 6’x9’ 9'x12' and 9’x18’ sizes, as well as light weight - The large 9’x12’ mat, weighs only 9 pounds and the smaller 6'x9' weighs less than 5 pounds Very durable and easy to take anywhere Treated with the best UV-stabilizer available to hinder sun damage. Made of three tightly woven straws of various colors, 1.7mm to 1.9mm in diameter Constructed of a single seamless piece with an extra-strong thread with the weave tightened to ensure strength. The edges are trimmed with a heat gun and a colorful band is sewn around the edges Easily secured to the ground with camping stakes. The mat has a nylon loop at each corner.

    • Additionally our patio mats: Have a textured surface to improve traction and prevent slipping Are easy to clean and dry Will not mold or mildew Are flame resistant Fold tightly along the seams like a blanket or comforter for easy storage Allows the grass to breathe Our lightweight patio mats are available in the following decorative floral patterns: Wave, Kokopelli, and Checkered Flag.  Reversible Patio Mats – 2 Designs in One! With their unique reversible design, each patio mat is like getting two beautiful mats for the price of one. Simply flip the patio mats over to expose a complimentary pattern. Our customers have used our reversible patio mats on the patio or lanai, in the garden, on the beach, outside a tent or RV. They can also be used indoors, such as at a dog show, in a sunroom, at a cabin, or anywhere else you would use indoor/outdoor carpeting. 1.Will your patio mats last a long time or quickly wear out? EEZRVPRODUCTS reversible patio mats are made to be lightweight and rugged. They are made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene that has been treated with the best UV-stabilizer available to hinder damage from sun exposure. Three straws of various colors, 1.7mm to 1.9mm in diameter, are tightly woven together for increased strength, thickness, and durability.