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  • RGB LED Ribbon Flexible Strips - 12 Volt DC, RGB

    $159.00 $125.00

    RGB LED Ribbon Flexible Strips - 12 volt DC, RGB, Non-WP, Tri-Color, 5 Meter Spool, Double Density (300) LEDS!


    LED RGB Color Changing (w/Optional Controller) Double Density LED Strip Lights (300 LED). Waterproof / White PCB Backing

    • Can be separated in every 3 LEDs along the cut-edge (approx. 2 inches)
    • Made of a flexible white printed circuit board with raised edges to slide into a track
    • Standard length: 5.8 meters (18 ft) reel
    • Strip width: single color 10mm, (3/8in)
    • Color of PCB: White
    • Color: Red/Green/Blue, Tri-Color - RGB Controller included
    • Working voltage: 12 Volt DC
    • LED quantity of entire strip: RGB 300pcs, 60 LEDs/Meter
    • Lifespan (approx. 100,000 hours)
    • Wattage:  24  Watts per spool
    • Protection: Waterproof

    Impact resistant conforms to irregular surfaces, super flexible and low profile

    Please note the Remote Control may vary and look slightly different from the one pictured.